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A mobile music education provider for childcare, early learning, and preschool programs.
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Teaching Colorful Music

Incorporating our Teeny Violini program into your preschool, childcare, or early learning program will provide your students with an exciting opportunity to grow and discover music!

The Advantages of Including Teeny Violini Music in Your School

Literacy Development

Many songs support emergent language and literacy development through exposing children to the basic structure and sequence of sounds involved in language.

Strengthen Neural Connections

Active music participation can help to strengthen neural connections and develop important areas in the brain.

Foster Social Interactions

Shared music-making can activate and synchronize similar neural connections in participants, resulting in feelings of togetherness and shared purpose.

Development of Motor Skills

Range of small, large, motor and non-locomotor movement to music can naturally and support children’s development of motor skills.


Music activities can foster children’s self-regulation, social competence, self-confidence and the ability to work with others in a group.

Emerging Math Skills

Songs and rhythmic chants in varied meters can familiarize children with concepts of proportions, patterning, and counting.

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