Not quite into Baby Shark, but want to have shared experiences with your child? Music may be the key (pun intended). A study released by 2018 by the University of Arizona have found that when parents and children listened to the same music in their younger years, they liked each other more later in life.


A move as simple as listening to the same songs on the radio can help create that bond. The researchers surveyed children ages 8 to 13 and some participants could recall attending concerts, or playing musical instruments with their parents. According to the children surveyed, having those experiences made it easier to communicate with their parents during their teenage years.


So, listen to a little Baby Shark and add in a few of your favorite tunes too during the morning commute. Make a game out of naming a tune and the artist or change up the lyrics to suit your mood. The most important part to remember from this study? Spending quality time with your child can lead to a healthier relationship in the future.

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