Back to school has never been more different and challenging than it is this school year. Between setting up online classes and trying to find new ways to keep your child engaged in the process of learning from home. Guiding your child through online learning can be a full-time task, and adding another component, like music may seem overwhelming. However, adding music to your child’s curriculum help them in the long run.

  1. Aids Emotional Development

         Learning music can help participants develop empathy towards others, and can aide in coping with anxiety.

2. Students Learn Pattern Recognition

Children can form math and pattern recognition skills, music offers repetition in an easy to follow format. 

3. Build Imagination

Children who participate in music classes can help foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity.

4. Achievement

Music can be challenging, but achieving even the smallest goal in music can lead to a greater sense of achievement and encourage children to learn more. 

5. Increased Engagement

Having a music class to look forward can help children stay engaged in other areas of their studies. 

TeenyViolini offers the perfect classes for students to stay engaged in their learning in this environment. We offer a variety of online classes that are easy for children to follow along.

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