Dr. Dennie Palmer Hall,  published a research paper titled “Why Making Music Matters,” exploring the role music plays in a child’s daily life that can lead to success in adulthood.  According to the findings, investing in young children through music helps with physical and mental health, literacy levels, school success, and relationship with others. Dr. Hall found that live music, from lullabies as an infant to sing-along songs as a toddler plays a large role in language skills and developing and maintaining relationships with others. 

Programs like Teeny Violini help children develop their musical skills which can lead to children’s attentiveness in other areas. Learning new skills give children a sense of accomplishment and can encourage them to explore other areas of interest. An early introduction to music can be a life-long resource of delight, expression, learning and inventing. 

Read more about Dr. Hall’s research here.

Teeny Violini is a mobile, music-based educational program provider that works with Early Learning centers (ELC), grade schools and afterschool programs.

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