A Mobile Music Education Provider for Childcare Centers,
Early Learning Centers, & Preschool Programs

Incorporating our Teeny Violini program in your preschool, childcare center, or other early learning will create an amazing opportunity for your students to grow and explore music in a very unique and exciting way. In addition to supporting each child’s music development, our in-school curriculum helps to raise the overall quality of a child’s education by touching key factors all at once: school readiness, literacy, motor development, social relationships, cognitive processing, and emotional control. Making Teeny Violini music apart of your school day, isn’t just fun, it’s a powerful learning tool, too!

Portia Dunkley Owner, Music Educator

Portia Dunkley has worked in string education for over 16 years throughout the state of Florida. As a graduate of Florida State, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Double Bass performance and Master of Arts Degree in Arts Administration. Before starting Teeny Violini, Portia served the arts community working as an arts administrator working in the Liberty City community facilitating programing and building community partnerships. “I believe that we are all connected through music and that every child has been blessed with an internal rhythm and creativity that is unique to their personality and connects them to others. It is our responsibility as educators, to create a nurturing environment that help guide and cultivate the expression of their inner rhythm by providing a high quality, fun and engaging experience with all types of musical forms. I believe that music education can be both structured and spontaneous, guided and free, colorful, emotional and transformational, all at the same time.”



Teeny Violini is a mobile, music-based educational program provider that works with Early Learning centers (ELC), grade schools and afterschool programs. Our desire is to build a strong foundation for a lifetime love of learning music, one child at a time. We use the power and joy of creative music-making to help children learn and grow more confident in becoming their best self by teaching them how to play stringed instruments.

Our curriculum design is based on the national music educational standards for students from preschool to grades K-12 and supported by research data from some of the leading researchers in music education, like National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Music Educators Association (NMEA), Americans for the Arts (AFTA), Florida Division of Cultural Affairs among others. Through music, we reinforce and enhance learning of basic social, emotional, cognitive and physical concepts. Also, skills like literacy, math, movement, dexterity, kindness, self-awareness, and confidence are also developed through our program while students develop skills in learning to play an instrument.  We understand that making music engaging and creative is essential to learning and development for young people.


Teeny Violini uses a combination of American String Teachers Association (ASTA) Curriculum and our own Colorful Violin Curriculum. Both curriculums provide standards, goals and learning sequences for essential skills and knowledge in strings programs K-12 and general music education for early learners.