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Preschool Music and Movement

Teeny Violini is a mobile music education service. We provide high-quality, engaging, creative music instruction to child care centers at an affordable monthly cost while creating a nurturing and fun environment for kids to explore music through literacy, singing, rhythm, and learning to play the violin. Despite the overwhelming support from research data and countless testimonials all over the world, schools and educational programs have faced a drastic cut in funding for music and other arts programs. Studies have shown that a strong foundation in music helps children build cognitive, social, academic, and emotional connections. Many of the executive functioning skills, such as working memory, self-monitoring, planning, self-awareness, emotional control, and flexibility, needed in managing our lives, are learned through music. Specifically, the violin helps build hand-eye coordination, concentration, confidence, and so much more. Our goal is to take the hassle out of lesson planning and hiring specialized teachers by providing a high-quality, affordable, and engaging music program that school owners will know as a valuable partner in educating their students.
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After-School Music Enrichment

We also provide a supplemental music program for day schools and afterschool programs that would like to incorporate a music enrichment component.

portia dunkley


Auri Hears Music Everywhere

This is a colorful story of a little girl named Auri who plays violin and loves to listen to music everywhere she goes!
Features and benefits

Why Choose Us?

Conveniently Mobile ​

We will come to your school and set up class!​


Every budget is catered to with our monthly pricing.​


For use both in and outside of music lessons, our literacy-based curriculum is designed specifically for teachers.

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Instruments Provided

No additional upkeep or expenses for schools!​

Shapes and colors

While learning to read music, pupils will learn their shapes and colors from committed and passionate professional teachers.

Violin Lessons

Students have an exceptional opportunity and exposure to learn and perform the violin.​

My Kid & Me Violin

Music and movement class

Parents are welcome to accompany their toddlers to a fun and engaging beginning violin lesson for toddlers aged three and up.

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